Improving is a Moral Duty

Hi Improvrs,

Today I want to share what turned into an interesting little debate between myself and some friends earlier this week.

Is it your moral duty to improve and win?


J: Following on from the chat on Saturday night and the reading recommendations, this is an interesting read.

Max: Hmm interesting
Max: You read things with a very different slant to me J
Max: My main issue with thise kind of articles is thst even if hes 100% right about everything
Max: Basically all positive change comes from optimistic people
Max: So reading and believing it basically rules you out of doing anything about it

J: You’ve summed up why my lack of optimism trips me up from making positive changes to my life.. (JK)

O: I disagree with a lot of what Pinker says. He often seems to think that the fact we are not in mortal danger of being massacred by a rival tribe then that is a good state.
O: Captilism did not drag everyone out of poverty in the 20th century.
O: I would recommend Robert Tressel’s ‘The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist’ as a novel which describes the perpetuation of the current system by the people who it keeps in relative poverty.

Max: Interesting question for you all then: assuming the above article is right what should we be doing about it?
Max: If it takes the collusion of the relatively impoverished to maintain the system is it our moral duty to improve our own situation out of that?

J: Voting Corbyn! Haha.
I don’t know Max. One feels helpless as on an individual level, there’s not much one can do to help course correct or overturn a vastly unjust system.
We can protest, write letters, campaign on an issue.
But we’re ants under the billionaires shoes and the system they’ve created.

D: We can vote sane billionaires in
D: Or become billionaires and then run for priminister
D: You seen that Andrew Yang guy who’s running for president?
D: He basically wants to do everything that would lead us to a post capitalist society and he’s literally running for president right now
D: So things are already looking up
D: Obviously that’s America but it needs to happen there first really

Max: My thoughts exactly D, you gain power to change the game once your winning
Max: Nobody listens to the guy who wants to stop playing monopoly because hes losing
Max: Youve got to be in the lead to suggest chess

D: That’s the case now, but I think we’d all be agreed that winning at a game called capitalism is a prerequisite for enacting change
D: Feels a bit arbitrary
D: But it’s the best we’ve got now and you can still become a billionaire from nothing so it’s not _too_ far off the ideal
D: Shouldn’t be the prerequisite I mean*

Max: Even if post capitalism (whatever that actually involves) is enacted it will still be a game and you will still have to prove yourself in some manner before getting any real power

D: Yeah defo
D: But the game should be who’s the best person not who acquired the most money
D: We need a throwback to ancient Roman culture that was heavy on the virtue

O: *whose parents have acquired the most money

D: But less conquering and barbaric
D: True, inheritance tax is pretty brutal though
D: But I guess tax avoidance is the biggest piss take there

Max: Well i posit that there has never been a system enacted on a large scale that offers more social mobility and gives ‘normal’ individuals a higher possibility to make change
Max: Definitely including ancient rome
Max: So theres that

D: Yeah, just expect that we are the best we’ve ever been though, anything else would be a failure
D: We’re just saying it can be even better right?

O: I agree. But there is the argument that the people who decide how th system works benefit the most from capitalism.
O: So there is no will whatsoever to change it. Even if there are alternatives.
O: Eton, Trump, journalists etc.

D: 🙂 -> 😁 -> 😂 -> 🤣
D: That’s what we’re aiming for guys ☝️

Max: But again thats the case with any system? The people at the top always set the rules

D: There must be will to change it otherwise Yang, Sanders, Corbyn, and many others wouldn’t be anywhere near power

Max: Aye
Max: Its a slippery one for sure

D:Image result for slip and slide fat man gif

Max: Always leads me back to the same thing though – concentrating on improving and expanding your own circle of influence is best for you as an individual and provides the most opportubity for you to contribute to society at large
Max: 😂 D


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