Get Better with a Mission Statement

Clarity of Direction

Knowing your purpose is paramount for habit building and determining the direction you should be working. Without it its so easy to build towards something that does not align with the outcome you actually want. All of us have achieved something and realized later that it pushed us further from our deep goals. A promotion that means longer hours or a degree in a field that you don’t want to work in.

This is why we all need a clear Mission Statement, both personally and for our work.

Here at Improvr towers we have been keenly reading Russel Brunson’s Expert Secrets and although we are only part way through it is already providing massive value. Brunson dedicates a whole section to effective mission statements and as inspiration I want to share ours:

Improvr: Mission Statement

We follow our dreams. We aim to have it all. We believe we can be in the top 5% of all major areas of life, whilst being in the top 1% in our area of focus.

We reject normal. We reject excuses. We rejected neglecting one area of life to whilst we work on others.

This community is here for those that are still hustling, still grinding and still battling through. We are optimisers, we seek efficiency, we seek 90% of the gains with 20% of the time commitment.

We are the Improvrs.



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