Get Better with a Healthy Microbiome

A healthy microbiome can make the difference between you being on point or in a slump. Your vagus nerve connects your brain and your gut keeping your mindset hard wired in to the state of your digestive bacteria.

Recent studies are beginning to show that the brain and gut may be more entangled when than we previously thought. I know in my younger days I would eat like hell for days seemingly without consequence. I notice deviations from a healthy diet much more intensely these days.

After spending plenty of time listening to Rhonda Patrick (courtesy of the Joe Rogan podcast, see video below) I decided to take her advise and complete a course of VSL#3. VSL comes in pouches that require refridgeration. In the pouches is powder that can be poured into any cool drink and consumed.

The first day I didn’t notice much but by the second day I could already see a change in both my gut and my mood. I can highly recommend a course!

I now incorporate VSL into my diet for a couple of weeks once every 6 months and find my mood stays elevated for months after each course


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