Get Better without Comparison Objectivity If your experiencing a feeling of failure or unhappiness you are not alone. “The Conference Board reports that 53 percent of Americans are currently unhappy at work.” – Forbes “Researchers find 69 per cent of people feel trapped in the same old routine and over 40 per cent are unhappy […]

Knowing your purpose is paramount for habit building and determining the direction you should be working. Without it its so easy to build towards something that does not align with the outcome you actually want. All of us have achieved something and realized later that it pushed us further from our deep goals. A promotion that means longer hours or a degree in a field that you don’t want to work in.
This is why we all need a clear Mission Statement, both personally and for our work. […]

You know that thing you really love? That thing you do whenever you have the time? That thing you secretly wish you’d managed to become a pro at? What if you still can? Right now you do something for enjoyment and you do it better than you think. You are an expert, maybe not an […]